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Terry & Patsy Miller, owners of Treehouse Cottages, are originally from the Miami, Florida area.

Living and working in Eureka Springs since 1976, they have raised 2 children and have 6 grandchildren. They established Treehouse Cottages in 1991.

Over the past two decades, with only his imagination, tools and a forest of trees, Terry, a builder by trade, custom designed and hand built each cottage himself. They are suspended upon five wooden poles 22-26 feet off the ground, and do not resemble the rustic treehouses of one's youth. They are pure luxury inside!

Patsy has added an artistic touch with the interior design, her wheel thrown pottery for the kitchen dishes, as well as her handmade tile featured throughout the treehouses. As a matter of fact, everything is handmade - the cedar railings, the cabinets and even the doors!

“We desire to be a blessing to all who come to Treehouse Cottages, to enjoy the nature, peaceful surroundings and luxury high in the trees!” Terry & Patsy Miller